Andrew Odri

Screenshot of Konductor AIR application running on Mac OS X

Konductor AIR Application

The Konductor AIR application is an easy to use web editor designed for non-technical users.

Over the space of a year, Konductor quickly amassed over 50,000 users. This is no doubt because of it's ease of use, and it's ability to run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Konductor Website

The Konductor website is a prime example of excellent design, code and user experience, all in one package.

The Konductor website is W3C compliant, uses the lastest web development techniques, and has excellent search engine optimization.

Screenshot of in Apple Safari
Screenshot of Konductor Extension for Dreamweaver running on Mac OS X

Konductor Extension for Dreamweaver

The Konductor Extension for Dreamweaver becomes a part of Adobe Dreamweaver, and spares web designers many of the headaches involved with uploading a website.

Nokia WRT Extension for Dreamweaver

The Nokia WRT Extension for Dreamweaver allows developers to create and deploy mobile applications from within Adobe Dreamweaver. It provides developers with features such as code hinting, phone simulation, and installation to the phone, all within Adobe Dreamweaver.

Nokia WRT Toolkit logo